Kristen Berset-Harris of Great Day Washington to Host STEM for Her Virtual Benefit

STEM for Her Kicks Off 2021 with New Additions to Leadership

Our top priority in 2021 is to encourage more girls and young women to pursue careers in STEM. Read...

STEM for Her 2021 Virtual Benefit and Trivia Night – Registration now open!

Join STEM for Her’s 2021 virtual benefit and trivia night as we come together to celebrate and support young women and...

Announcing STEM for Her Virtual Programs!

As part of our ongoing mission to support women and girls in their pursuit of careers in STEM, we are delighted to announce the inaugural series of the STEM for Her Virtual Programs. Staying home to stay safe does not mean limiting learning and growing. In fact, it is the ever-expanding universe of STEM that

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Black Lives Matter

Dear Friends of STEM for Her, We want to take a moment to acknowledge the pain and tragedy engulfing our country. The senseless and unjust killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others have illuminated the long and disturbing history of racial and social injustice that communities of color have experienced in

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What I’ve Learned from Being Part of the STEM for Her Community

As a high school senior interested in technology, I have faced the gender gap many more times than most would expect. From international math camps in middle school to my high school robotics team, I’ve experienced the imbalance in participation in technology first-hand. As I researched the problem, I realized that upper elementary and middle

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What I Wish I Knew When I Was in High School and College

What do I wish I knew about being a software engineer/lead technologist when I was in high school or college? First and foremost, I wish I knew more about possible career options in STEM, especially Information Technology and software engineering, which were unheard of in my South Indian childhood residence. Since my high school education

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Professors Are People, Too

When I started college, I did not talk to my professors. They were the founts of knowledge at the front of the lecture hall, and students were to be receivers of this knowledge. I had this idea that it was a one-way street, rather than the dialog that it really should have been. It did

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What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

STEM for Her is launching a new blog in 2020 because one of the benefits we offer to our girls and young women is advice and guidance based on the experiences of a knowledgeable group of women professionals. We hear over and over again from our program participants that they find this advice to be

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