STEM Facts

Why STEM Matters

Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Mathematicians and others engaged in the STEM fields conduct research, make new discoveries and create applications that expand and benefit our world every day.   Women and girls currently make up just a small percentage of the technology leaders at the forefront of these achievements; a major gender disparity that needs to be changed. Women comprise half of the population, but hold less than a quarter of STEM jobs1. Young girls have untapped talent and potential to change the world through the lens of a science, technology, engineering or math career.

Acquiring a STEM degree is one of the smartest education paths for young girls today because of the significant benefits to be gained. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, those with a STEM degree earn on average 26 percent more than their non-STEM counterparts2. STEM careers are some of the most satisfying and fascinating jobs, in addition to their significance to the progression of society. Pursuing an occupation in STEM or becoming engaged with STEM at a young age will open countless doors for a lifetime.

In recent years, there has been a national spotlight on STEM education to ensure that the United States remains a leading global superpower in the technology age. STEM graduates are in such high demand for the next generation of the workforce, that the Obama administration is investing millions of dollars to produce an additional one million STEM undergraduates by 20223. While the number of these jobs grow, STEM-focused organizations, like STEM for Her, whose mission focuses on supporting opportunities for girls and young women to pursue STEM careers, are critical to our nation.  

There are countless opportunities for young girls to jump into STEM and explore potential future careers.  Many educational institutions, non-profit organizations and companies are providing STEM-related experiences to embrace and excite students about STEM. STEM for Her is committed to being part of the solution, contributing to STEM educational programs unique to the D.C. metropolitan area.  

People across the nation are determined to foster a new collaborative STEM work environment that includes women. STEM for Her is passionate about young women and girls achieving their very best potential in STEM fields by making interesting resources and events readily accessible. Science, technology, engineering and math have formed our world for centuries and will continue to do so with the help of a new generation of technological thinkers.


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