Support us for Do More 24

On Thursday June 8th, join the movement to support STEM for Her during the Do More 24 Annual Day of Giving event by the United Way.  Your support helps us fund and provide mentoring programs, scholarships and other life-changing opportunities that encourage girls to pursue successful STEM-related careers. 

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Full House for Hidden Figures

Not everyone has an opportunity to be exposed to heroes in STEM - those who define our dreams and our careers. STEM for Her seeks to expose all girls in the DC metro area to women to look up to, in order to inspire and further cement their interest in STEM fields. With the release of Hidden Figures, a film about three female African American mathematicians and engineers working for NASA in the 1950s, we are able to see the tenacity, strength and genius these three women embodied and the path they forged for girls everywhere.  

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